If we have received your T4A, you will be sent a courtesy email to notify you.

Please come by the office only if we have contacted you to pick up your T4A.

We will not be mailing out T4As due to the high volume that are sent to the office. We also need everyone to sign the pick up list for their T4A.

Please only contact Toby or Miguel regarding payment matters or T4A inquiries via email and they will get back to you during office hours. 

Email:  accounting@torontofilmextras.com
Office: (416) 519 6848
Cell:    (647) 783 0361

T4As – background talent agencies are not your employers.  You are hired and paid by the production companies and the payment service companies mail out your T4A’s. Productions do not deduct taxes from your payments, therefore you must report your income and pay taxes as a self-employed actor/performer.

The onus is on the talent to keep all records of their bookings. Extras are always issued carbon copies of their vouchers on union sets when signing out, a carbon copy included with the payments from the productions, as well as time report summaries (top portion of the pay-stub). In addition, talent that pays commission at the office are always issued receipts. That is four separate pieces of documentation provided to the talent for their records that clearly state date of work, name of production, and the payment amount.

Please Note: If you cannot come to the office or have misplaced your records, a complete list of all your T4As can be acquired by calling or going down to Revenue Canada. There is a small cost, but it is the best way to ensure that you got all your paperwork in order.