PaymentBelow is an outline of fees you can expect to incur as a background performer.

Membership Fee
It is standard in the industry for Non-Union talent to pay a membership fee. TFX’s fee is $100 plus HST ($113). This is a yearly, non-refundable fee and is required at the time of registration, and renewable on your membership anniversary date each year you continue to be an active member.

Note: Union performers do not pay a membership fee.

BG4Hire Account
It is essential to have an active account on BG4HIRE.COM in order to work with our agency. This is an online casting platform that many casting agencies use. has an annual membership fee of $45. For more information, please visit their website and refer to their FAQ section.

Commission Fee
Background performers pay a commission rate for work that they do. The commission fees are as follows:


  • 10% commission for regular background performances,
  • 15% commission for commercials, music videos, upgrades, vouchers, etc., and
  • 20% for print.

ACTRA Apprentice Members:

  • 15% commission for regular background performances, including commercials, music videos, upgrades, vouchers, etc., and
  • 20% for print.

Non-Union Performers:

  • 10% commission for regular background performances,
  • 15% commission for commercials, music videos, upgrades, vouchers, and
  • 20% for print

To get a better idea of commission owing for a specific booking, try out our Online Commission Calculator.

For your convenience, commission payments can be made:

  • by e-transfer to (Please make all passwords either “tfx” or”tfxtfx”)
  • or by mailing a cheque (payable to: Toronto Film Extras) to our mailing address:Toronto Film Extras
    P.O. BOX 98100
    970 Queen Street E.
    Toronto, ON M4M 1J0

Please make commission cheques payable to: TORONTO FILM EXTRAS

Please Note: All commissions must include 13% HST. All Non-Union performers must mail their commission cheques to the agency. If you are an ACTRA performer, when paying commissions, please always email images of the vouchers and the time report summaries, the detailed breakdowns of payment that come attached to the cheques, to This helps us confirm what production/project you are paying for. There will be a $25.00 charge on all NSF cheques.

Your Rate
The hourly rate as a background performer is $15.50 per hour with an 8 hour minimum for Non-Union performers. (This means that if you only work two hours, you are still always paid for eight hours). Union rates apply for ACTRA members.

Engagement Cancellation Policy

If you are booked on a project and need to cancel, Toronto Film Extras must be informed of the cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of any engagement. Members who cancel less than 24 hours prior to the day of their engagement (engagement means any engagement in connection with an opportunity including a COVID test, wardrobe/costume fitting, and/or work date), or do not attend an engagement, will be charged a Cancellation Fee.

Cancellation Fees are as follows:

  • $20.00 for Non-union members
  • $40.00 for ACTRA Apprentice members
  • $30.00 for Full ACTRA members.

The Cancellation Fee is based on the minimum commission the client would have owed Toronto Film Extras, plus additional administrative costs.

Late Fee
Punctuality is crucial! If a member is late to set, and our team has to become involved in addressing the lateness (for example: we have to call, and/or text you), you will be charged a $20.00 Late Fee.

Please Note:

  • Contact information and photos must be kept current.
  • All commissions must be kept current. This includes money owed to other agents.
  • Delinquent accounts with our agency will be subject to late fees, interest and enforcement action effective immediately.