Please note: If you are an ACTRA performer, when paying commissions, please always email images of the vouchers and the time report summaries, the detailed breakdowns of payment that come attached to the cheques, to This helps us confirm what production/project you are paying for.

To locate the “Gross Labour Subtotal” on your time report:

Commission Calculations

For Entertainment Partner (EP) Canada: please refer to the bottom left corner of the page and find “Sub Total”.

For Cast & Crew Entertainment Services: please refer to the bottom right corner of the page and find “Gross Pay”. If you are a full ACTRA member, you must deduct your insurance and retirement payments from your Gross Pay before calculating commission.

Commission Calculations

For your convenience, commission payments can be made:

  • by e-transfer to (Please make all passwords either “tfx” or”tfxtfx”)
  • or by mailing a cheque (payable to: Toronto Film Extras) to our mailing address:Toronto Film Extras
    P.O. BOX 98100
    970 Queen Street E.
    Toronto, ON M4M 1J0