To locate the “Gross Labour Subtotal” on your time report:

Commission Calculations

For Entertainment Partner (EP) Canada: please refer to the bottom left corner of the page and find “Sub Total”.

For Cast & Crew Entertainment Services: please refer to the bottom right corner of the page and find “Gross Pay”. If you are a full ACTRA member, you must deduct your insurance and retirement payments from your Gross Pay before calculating commission.

Commission Calculations

For your convenience, commission payments can be made:

  • by e-transfer to (Please make all passwords either “tfx” or”tfxtfx”)
  • or by mailing a cheque (payable to: Toronto Film Extras) to our mailing address:

    Toronto Film Extras
    P.O. BOX 98100
    970 Queen Street E.
    Toronto, ON M4M 1J0