How to get started:

TFX is currently selectively expanding its roster. We work with talent of all ages, however require interested persons under the age of 18 to have a parent/legal guardian reach out to us.

Prior to registration, please email with the following information:

1) Two to four photos of yourself. Note: these do not have to be professional photos.
2) Measurements of your height, chest, waist and hips.
3) Your name and the best telephone number to reach you on.

Upon review and assessment of our current roster and production needs, we will contact you to advise on the next steps in the registration process.

PLEASE NOTE: All background performers MUST complete the Ontario Health and Safety Course to receive their Worker Certificate and provide one copy to TFX, and have one with you on every set.

As of July 1, 2014, there is a new requirement by law that every background performer in Ontario must complete the Ontario Health and Safety course to receive their Worker Certificate. The course takes approximately 45 minutes and is a combination of short videos and very straightforward true/false quizzes. The quiz cannot be saved in the middle, so you must set aside a full 45 minutes to complete the course in one session.

Please complete the course, and print two copies of the certificate. Provide one copy to TFX, and keep the other copy for reference and proof of completion when working on set. It is very critical that you bring a copy of the certificate to every set you work on. You may be asked to produce the certificate before commencing work. If you do not have your certificate, you will NOT be able to work.

Please visit where you can take the quiz.